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24.03.2020, 10:58

Dead reckoning and Smoothing


I am developing a grafic representation of a 3D environment.
I am facing issues implementing a working smoothing , when I use dead reckoning.
Does anyone know, about general guidelines, how to implement a smoothing for position and orientation vectors, so that there is no jittering?
The dead reckoning seems to be good so far.

Thanks for every help I can get.

Regards syntex00


24.03.2020, 14:02

I am not sure if I understiod you correctly, but I would use quadratic Bezier curves to generate a composite Bezier curve.
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26.03.2020, 17:20

I am not sure either.
So dead reckoning is used to extrapolate sent data.
The concept is, that the data is sent, like every 2-5 seconds, the visual needs information about the the moving object every tick, which is like 0.0166 seconds for a system with 60Hz. So the dead reckoning tries to extrapolate the data it gets to send new data each tick, so that the object is moving.
Problem is, that dead reckoning extrapolates linearly. It extrapolates the velocity, position, orientation, and angular velocity from a set acceleration, which can be 0 or not and the velocity of the previous tick.
Because it's linear extrapolation I experience jittering, or lags, so the data needs to be smoothed out.
The smoothing is the concept I am looking for. It tunes the values which are calculated from teh dead reckoning and tunes them, so that the visual looks smooth for the object

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